Brazil: A market on the move

With a vast population and a growing middle class, seafood demand in Brazil is booming.

If you are interested in breaking into Brazil’s market or looking to source product from the country IntraFish Media’s new report, Brazil: A market on the move, will provide you a wealth of insight on the risks and rewards of Brazil.

With 194 million people -- the world’s fifth largest population -- and a GDP per capita growth of 7.7 percent, Brazil has been touted as the next big seafood market – for good reason.

A fairly low seafood consumption (9 kilos per capita) and highly fragmented production mean Brazil’s seafood sector is still largely underdeveloped and full of opportunities.

The government’s determination to boost both aquaculture and seafood consumption means Brazil could become a major market but also one of the world’s leading aquaculture producers within the next decade.

Netuno Internacional, the country’s largest lobster exporter and a leading seafood trader, said it plans to quadruple its tilapia production to 40,000 metric tons by 2015.

Grupo Nutrimar, a seafood importer which also dominates the shrimp market, said it expected to double its shrimp market share to 30 percent “within the next few years.”

This report provides insight on Brazil’s complete seafood supply and demand chain, including:

  • General macro-trends
  • Middle class boom: what effect for seafood?
  • Import restrictions
  • Seafood consumption
  • Seafood production
  • Aquaculture
  • Wild catch
  • Import, export figures
  • Overview of main players: Consolidation ahead?

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