Chile Version 2.0

Al the indications point towards success for the Chileans in regulating themselves away from a double backlash attack of ISA. They will nonetheless have to learn to live with new outbreaks of ISA and other diseases, as do other salmon producing nations.

That’s what the main body of this industry report is about – as well as the dramatic plunge in prices combined with a new world record for salmonid production volume.

New situation

Never before have so many salmonids been farmed on a global basis. Meanwhile, production in Chile has been more or less down for the count the past three-four years due to ISA disease. Then salmon kilo prices fell spectacularly on the world market – before Chile had returned to the arena.

Meanwhile in the next few months Chile will be back for full steam – and by the end of the calendar year will have harvested more salmonids than ever before in its history.

This industry report deals with Chile Version 2.0.

IntraFish’ Norwegian Editor Bent-Are Jensen spent the last two weeks of September in Chile’s capital and financial hub Santiago as well as the salmon capital of Puerto Montt.

There he interviewed leading figures in the Chilean salmonid production industry – plus various sources with in-depth knowledge of the industry. Not everyone wished to see their name in print, for diverse reasons, which we naturally respect. The foremost objective has been to air the different viewpoints in order to gauge the pulse of the ‘born again’ Chilean industry.

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