Selling Seafood in the Americas

The new “Selling seafood in the Americas” report provides exclusive information on seafood sales in North America and South America, including:

• A geographic breakdown and analysis of U.S. seafood sales supplied by The Perishables Group, a Chicago-based fresh food consulting firm offering a full spectrum of products and services geared toward complete market and category understanding. The data provided in this report is a result of a business alliance between the Perishables Group and market research firm Nielsen that allows for the reporting of point-of-sale scan data from retail supermarkets across the United States. 

The data represents approximately 63 percent all commodity volume for all census-level retailers in the grocery channel nationwide, including more than 13,000 stores. The data is an aggregate of both UPC and random-weight codes. Data is aggregated from a weekly feed from Nielsen and then processed, coded and quality checked by the Perishables Group. 

• A special geographic breakdown and analysis of salmon, tilapia and shrimp sales based on Nielsen retail data, including regional breakdowns from nine regions across the United States.

• An overview of U.S. seafood sales based on Nielsen data for more than a dozen popular species, including salmon, shrimp, tilapia, catfish, trout, halibut, and more.

• A full updated ranking of the top North American and South American seafood supply companies based on their 2010 annual sales, complete with profiles on each company. This year’s ranking includes more than a half-dozen new companies, mostly from South America.

• A listing of the top U.S. retail and foodservice seafood buyers, including estimates of their annual seafood purchases.

• A listing of the top Canadian and U.S. national supermarket chains.

• A listing of the top U.S. independent food retail chains.

• A listing of the top U.S. wholesalers selling to supermarkets.

• A by-country listing of leading supermarket chains in South America.

• Updated seafood consumption data.

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