Industry Report: Asia's top seafood companies

In a year where Japan experienced a crippling tsunami and nuclear disaster, and Thailand encountered floods which threatened production, seafood growth in the Asia-pacific is still going strong as major driver China – the world’s largest producer of seafood, contributing about 35 percent to total global production – continues to expand its demand market, especially for premium seafood.

And it is not only China that people are looking at in the Asia Pacific region. While many producers in Asia still look to Europe and the United States as their main source of income, regions like Southeast Asia, traditionally a strong seafood producer to the world, is now slowly seen as a growing consumer market with increasing spending power.

In this report, IntraFish analyzes the profiles of the key seafood-consuming countries in the Asia Pacific region (including Australia), identifying the potential in each region. We have also ranked the top 40 Asian seafood players by overall sales, complete with business profiles for each company.

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