In 2013 Limberg was promoted to president of Harbor Seafood and his foresight propelled the company to the next level through various acquisitions, marketing agreements, and mergers. As managing partner and president, Limberg has sought to strengthen and expand Harbor Seafood’s business model, while remaining loyal to the core formula that first made the company successful.

IntraFish: How did you enter the seafood industry and why? What drew you to it as a career?

Christian Limberg: While I was still in college, Pete Cardone, founder and chairman of Harbor Seafood, gave me an intern opportunity to come and see what the seafood industry was like. What drew me in was purely Pete. I admired him and looked up to him. His passion, love, drive for this business was absolutely contagious. He prided himself so much on relationships over a 'quick sale', I just had to stay and learn all I could from him. Twenty years later, I’m still learning from him.

IF: What do you aim to achieve in the sector?

CL: To continue having seafood as a vehicle to help change lives for the better. Not just health, but for a safer, more positive and productive career choice for everyone involved in the supply chain.

IF: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

CL: At Harbor Seafood, with less hair and 30 lbs heavier!

IF: In your view, what are the seafood industry's biggest future challenges?

CL: Reducing the 'fear of fish' from harvest thru preparation. Especially with all the negative press recently, it takes away from the many positive benefits seafood can provide when responsibly sourced, processed, and prepared.

IF: What kind of people does the industry need to face these challenges and take it forward?

CL: People with heart, passion and a good business sense. You have to want to be in seafood to make a difference. You can’t just show up.

IF: What could current leadership in your sector learn to be better at?

CL: The current leadership needs to work together more efficiently and not be fragmented if we want to make a positive difference. Especially since our goal is to ultimately get more people to eat fish.

IF: What is the perception of the seafood industry as a career choice amongst younger people, do you think?

CL: Unfortunately, the seafood industry is not on a guidance counselors top career list. I find people generally do not ever think of seafood as a career unless they knew someone in seafood already.

IF: What is the single best piece of career advice you have ever received?

CL: Actions speak louder than words. Period!

IF: What would you being doing professionally if you weren't in your current role?​​

CL: Competitive eater.

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