Icicle Seafoods President and CEO Chris Ruettgers may be young, but he's been with Paine & Partners from the beginning of their Icicle venture in 2007.

He has held a board position since the private equity firm acquired Icicle, and upon joining Icicle in 2011, he took on the role as executive vice president of strategy and corporate development.

Ruettgers joined the senior management team at Icicle Seafoods in 2010 and was promoted to CEO in early 2015, replacing outgoing CEO Amy Humphreys.

At the time of the acquisition, Ruettgers laid out Paine's plan in an interview withIntraFish.

“We have several hundred millions of dollars of growth capital available to [Icicle] to go out and make acquisitions. We see a consolidation opportunity,” Ruettgers said.

“We’re looking at both large and small acquisition opportunities in Alaska, and opportunistically I think there are probably some businesses outside the Alaska market that would fit well with Icicle."

Canadian seafood giant Cooke has made an offer to acquire all of Icicle Seafoods, but no deal has been announced.

Ruettgers declined the opportunity to answer a Q&A citing the ongoing sale of Icicle.

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